In Necronator Your in control of an undead army in certian locations such as the mall or the forest. Upgrade your undead beings and use magic spells to kill the humans. The best undead that I can see are the archers because of their long range attacks. Use whatever tactics you can come up with to kill the humans.


  • Skeleton Warrior - Made from corpses of fallen warriors died in regret and shame. The skeleton warriors are cheap, durable and dispensable.

  • Skeleton Archer - There is only one thing more dangerous than an army of skeleton warriors, that is an army of skeleton warriors equiped with bows and arrows.

  • Orc Grunts - Legends say that Orcs are creatures of death forged from the fiery put of Mr. Krakatoa. Orcs are brutish, scheming and murderous.

  • Zombie - The unholy undead zombies have only one purpose. To satisfy their hunger. One bite can turn a human into the walking dead. These zombies kinda work like they did in the game Infectanator.

  • Doggar - Doggar was a powerful pit fighter from the barbarian tribe. His hunger for power brought him to the Necronator. In exchange for power and strangth he offered his soul to the devil, now he is nothing but a puppet controlled by the Necronator.

  • Miranda Silverbow - Was a forest ranger. While she was patrolling through the forest, she encountered Necronator who was trying to destroy her forest. Even though she faught valiantly, she was fatally wounded. Impressed by her skill, Necronator trapped her soul and corrupted her. Since then, she was under Necronator's control and became The Dark Archer.

  • Bileam Lightbringer - Was a holy knight during the great war he was left to die in the frontlines. felt that he was betrayed and abandonded by his king, burned by the hatred he vowed for revenge. In his journey, he met Necronator and became his loyal servant in purpose of vengeance.

  • Lezaro Crovax - Obsessed by dark arts, he was banished from the people of Sal'Midaz. Necronator recruited him with the promise to teach Lezaro all the dark arts he knows.

  • Alice Jeezabel - Was a caring wife. Unable to let go her feeling towards her dead husband, she practiced necromancy and brought her dead husband back to life, unfortunatley the newly resurected body has no soul turning it into a mindless zombie. her obsession soon corrupted her.

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